Kelly and her friends are excited to take you on one of their favorite
hikes in Yellowwood State Forest. Yellowwood State Forest is located
in the rolling hills of Brown County Indiana. The park has 23,200 scenic,
sprawling acres that offer three pristine lakes, hiking trails and
abundant wildlife. A great 5 mile moderate hike, enjoy the serenity of
the pine trees and the after hike wine and tapas at a nearby winery with
beautiful tasting room and grounds.
Our Indiana Chapter Leader
Kelly Harmon has moved to
After she has settled in and explored
some trails we are hoping she will be
heading up a chapter there!
Meanwhile if anyone is interested in
being a chapter leader for Indiana

Deb Dalley Phillips
702-239-0177 or

Kelly and her Walk And Wine Friends
(canine friends skipped the Wine part)
recently hiked in Jackson Washington
State Forest, located in Brownstown which
is about 1 1/2 hours into southern Indiana.
They actually stumbled across it looking
for a trail head in the Hoosier National
Forest.  Kelly said the trails they took were
moderate to rugged. Pinnacle Point was
an uphill trek of about 1/2 mile 966 feet is
high for Indiana..(Las Vegas Chapter is
laughing after there June 9th hike at 9400
feet)  There are several trails in the park
and a wonderful lake for our furry friends
who loved to jump in!

Their wine stop was at Carousel Winery in
Bedford. While the wines were mostly on
the sweet side, they also enjoyed some
good semi-dry wines...contact Kelly today
by e mail...just click here
Click Here to e mail Indiana Chapter
Pinnacle Point
Trail 10