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leaders Ann Donahue and Cathy Eisenhofer

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Here are some of the parks Walk and Wine Friends have visited!
Palisades-Kepler State Park, Mt Vernone  -  Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge, Prarie City  -  Historic tunnel trail Henderson NV- H - Bluffs Trail Lake Mead National
Recreation Area - Clark County Wetlands - China Ranch Date Farm Hikes California --Henderson Bird Preserve
Wetlands at Lake Mead - Anniversary Mine - Bridge Springs Trail - La Madre Springs Trail - Ice Box Canyon - Cathedral Rock Trail - Mary Jane Falls - Best Friends
Animal Sanctuary - Zion National Park - Bristlecone Pine Trail - First Creek Trail - River Mountain loop trail clean up - Pinto Valley Trail - Channel Islands National
Park -Big Bear CA- White Domes Valley of Fire -  Hoover Dam bypass bridge Grand Opening  Calico Wetlands - Fletcher Canyon Trail - Ricketts Glen State Park,
Pennsylvania --Spring Wine Tasting - Lost Creek Trail - First Friday Arts District  -White Rock canyon -Trail Canyon