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Deborah Dalley Phillips

A love of the outdoors, hiking and wine as well as a means for meeting new people was the inspiration for Walk and Wine Friends. We are primarily an over 50 club. We do moderate hikes, quiet water kayaking, host wine tasting events and group trips. The club formed in 2008 in Nevada and has since expanded to several states including Delaware New Hampshire and Wisconsin. Want to join? We will send you the membership forms or you can contact me about starting a chapter in your state.

Walk and Wine Friends Membership Guidelines 2023

As our Delaware chapter grows it is important to clarify some of our membership guidelines, please abide by the following policies.

We welcome new ideas and look forward to many more hikes and trips!

  1. Dress appropriately, hats, hiking shoes, poles, water, snacks; be responsible for yourself and don’t rely on others to provide for you.
  2. Respect the other hikers right to “quiet enjoyment”; while it is nice to talk along the trail, please keep your voice low and do not disturb other hikers.  Hiking is an opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature so make sure you observe the trail, the forest and your surroundings. The quieter you are the greater the opportunity to see more wildlife. 
  3. Please remember our policy of NO Politics, NO Religion. We are outdoors to enjoy Nature that is our common denominator. Enjoy the day and “NO Whiners”.
  4. Members are not to contact other members for any solicitation unless invited to by that member.  Members cannot give out e mail, phone numbers or other personal information of any other member without that person’s consent.
  5. If you are bringing a dog on any hike, please make sure you let Deborah know before the hike; we are limiting any dog friendly hike to 2 dogs. Owner is responsible for any and all liability regarding their dog’s behavior.  If you choose to bring your dog on a group trip you are responsible for arranging your own accommodations. Please remember to check the trail’s pet policy.
  6. If you are participating in any of our after hike wine and tapas picnics, bring a shareable food or a bottle of wine. 
  7. Hikes and trips are posted on our website and you may be sent an email with updates; however, if you do not get an email, it is your responsibility to check the website; please remember to let Deborah know you are participating. We limit hikes to 10-12 hikers and if we need to have a second hike leader we need to have a count at least 24 hours prior to the hike.   If you have not participated in a hike or event in a two month period your name will be removed from the group e mail list; you may still check the website and let Deborah know you will be hiking.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel membership at our sole discretion.  (This has only happened twice since 2008).
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