Map 1 – Terminus at Whiskey Springs

September 21, 2021 5 members hiked from the Terminus at Whiskey Springs Road to the park at Water Street and South Mountain Road. Deborah, Carin, Jerry, Joann and Saraleigh completed 4.2 miles and although this section was all road walk we enjoyed the occasional cow or goat along the way.

At the terminus Whiskey Spring Road

The next day, Deborah and Jerry hiked from the Water Street park to Warrington Township. This was also all road walking, but not as much traffic as the day before. As Carin was nursing a complaining knee, she met us in her car and drove us to the other side of Rte 15 and then dropped us off at Warrington Township sign on Cabin Hollow Road . It rained off and on for most of this hike. Jerry and Deborah made it back to her car before the heavy rain started. They enjoyed Carin’s chicken salad sandwiches, but the rain chased them back to our cute Airbnb in Dillsburg. We had planned to do more hiking the next day, but the rain wouldn’t let up. Enjoyed a great meal with great wine and good friends. We had a lot of fun!

Route 15 is a very busy road and was under construction, Carin drove us around to the other side where MDT continues.

Joann on the AT at Whiskey Springs
Deborah and Jerry added 4.7 miles
Joann Carin and Saraleigh on Mountain Rd
The On Lookers as we pass by!

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My passion is hiking and building Walk and Wine Friends hiking club which has brought so much joy to my life! Making friends throughout the US and even Australia, sharing the things I love--Nature, hiking, kayaking, travel, wine and meeting people who enjoy those same things.

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