Mason-Dixon Trail “Tortoise Style”

Several Delaware chapter senior hikers decided to hike the historic MDT in small sections after discovering it was only 201 miles We began in March 2021 and go at our own pace (approximately 2.5 mph); we stop to smell the roses, take pictures and enjoy a good meal and wine after hike!

MDT Hike Schedule:

October/November – Otter Creek Campground Map 5, plan on 3 days; date to be determined based on weather

From the blog

As of September 5, 2022 Jerry Pascazio and Deborah Dalley Philllips have completed 66.5 miles of the 200 mile Mason Dixon trail.

Walk and Wine Friends Carin Pazcazio, Joann Mountain, Beverley Peters, Darlene Herman, Nancy Dysart, Robert Weintraub and Saraleigh Monroe joined us in different sections and have accumulated miles as well.

Mileage Tracker

Map 1 Completed 18 miles (not including 2+ extra miles for lack of blazes in state gamelands area)

Map 2 Pinchot Park to Conley Road 7 miles

Map 6 Grist Mill in Susquehanna State Park to Fisherman’s Park 5.2 miles

Map 7 Rodgers Tavern to Principio Furnace 5.3 miles

Map 9 Completed 23 miles

Map 10 Auburn Heights SP to White Clay Creek Preserve 8 miles

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