Mason-Dixon Trail “Tortoise Style”

Section Hiking

Several Delaware chapter senior hikers decided to hike the historic MDT in small sections after discovering it was only 201 miles not 2000+ miles like the Appalachian trail. We began in March 2021 and go at our own pace; we stop to smell the roses, take pictures and enjoy a good meal and wine after hike!

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Map 10

Mileage Tracker

Map 10 Auburn Heights SP to White Clay Creek Preserve 8 miles

Map 9 White Clay Creek Preserve Lot#1 to White Clay Creek SP Nature Center lot 4.7 miles

Map 9 White Clay Creek SP Nature Center lot to Tri-state marker and PA/DEL Monument loop 4.5 miles

Map 1 Whiskey Springs Road Terminus to Water Street Park 4.2 miles

Map 1 Water Street Park to Warrington Township 4.7 miles

Map 6 Grist Mill in Susquehanna SP to Fisherman’s Park 6 miles

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