Map 10 White Clay Creek Preserve to Chadds Ford

Our hike began at Auburn Heights State Park in Delaware near the PA/DE state line where we spent an hour trying to find a parking place and the trailhead due to construction in the area. After several false starts, a magical blue blaze appeared! We crossed the bridge and started up the hill when Carin mentioned that she needed to be back at 1 p.m. Deborah was leading and picked the pace up to about 3.5 miles per hour up a long and steep hill. March 21, 2021

As you can see, Deborah was way ahead of the rest of the group. Carin clarified that she needed to be back at her car at the other end of the trail by 1pm. All of us gladly slowed down our pace and caught our breath.

This part of the trail was a lot of street walking. The trail was marked very well. At one point, though, we were not sure if we needed to turn left or right, so we asked the Fed Ex driver which way to go. We saw the same Fed Ex driver several times, miles later, and wish we would have hitched a ride.

Published by Deborah Dalley Phillips Administrator

My passion is hiking and building Walk and Wine Friends hiking club which has brought so much joy to my life! Making friends throughout the US and even Australia, sharing the things I love--Nature, hiking, kayaking, travel, wine and meeting people who enjoy those same things.

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